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Our office hours are Monday to Friday 8am to 5pm. We will do our best to review your request and respond within two business days.
Privacy is important to us. Check out our privacy statement to find out more about how we use personal information.

Property ID: In order for us to be certain of the property parcel you are interested in, it is best if you can provide two factor property identification; (e.g. address, legal description, valuation roll number, parcel ID etc.) or a map indicating your land area of interest. You may also request information for a radius search (be mindful of this for urban areas) or for neighboring properties of a particular property.

Statement about response times.
We strive to respond to enquiries within two working days, but please note that the contaminated land area is resourced to a 20 working day timeframe as per LGOIMA requirements.
We know this isn’t how most of our customers prefer to operate, so we try to keep response times as short as possible. If your enquiry is urgent, please state this at the forefront of your message and enter your preferred response date if you have one.

Charging: We do not usually charge for Contaminated land/HAIL enquiries unless they take two hours or more to process, which is in-line with our organizational policy.

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